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DIY Valentine Sun Catcher

DIY valentine sun catcher

supplies needed: · pencil · scissors · red construction paper · red, pink and white tissue paper · clear contact paper · glitter

DIY Snow Globe 

DIY Snow Globe 

Want to bring some new life to your old plastic toys? Turn them into a fun art project with this DIY snow globe tutorial. Follow the instructions below to make…

Valentine DIY

valentine DIY

Valentine’s Day is a bright spot of cheer in the middle of wintry February. What a great time to craft a homemade Valentine’s Day gift.   This paper flower project…

6 Tips For DIY Holiday Photos

6 tips for DIY holiday photos

It’s not the holidays without family photos. If cash is tight, why not skip the photographer and save money by taking your own family pics? With a little planning, you…

Fall DIY

fall DIY

Fall’s the perfect season to pumpkin-spice up your home decor. These DIY activities are cheap, easy and a-maize-ing fun for the whole family.  autumn tablescape  So, what’s a tablescape? It’s a fun way to decorate your…

Outdoor DIY Fun For Kids

outdoor DIY fun for kids

outdoor DIY fun for kids  Sun’s out, fun’s out! Try one (or all) of these awesome DIY activities for nonstop summer fun. Don’t forget, when you finish these activities, take a pic…

May DIY Project

May DIY Project

May DIY project Now that spring is in full bloom, it’s a great time for your family to get crafty! These projects are super fun to do and add a great splash of color to your home. Bonus:…

3 DIY Ways To Relax

3 DIY ways to relax

Three simple, inexpensive DIY ways to help you relax. Everyday life can be hectic, and sometimes you need to focus on you. If you need to, give one (or all)…

DIY Holiday Projects

DIY holiday projects

DIY holiday projects Home decor is always more fun when it’s DIY. “Sleigh” the decor game by making these fun, family-friendly winter projects. An added bonus? They involve items you…

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