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Want to bring some new life to your old plastic toys? Turn them into a fun art project with this DIY snow globe tutorial. Follow the instructions below to make your own winter wonderland.

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supplies needed:

· peanut butter jar
· plastic toy(s)
· water
· sequins and/or glitter
· 1-2 tbsp. glycerin
· superglue  

what to do:

  1. Remove any labels from your peanut butter jar. Scrub the jar clean both inside and out, then let dry. 
  2. Take the lid of the peanut butter jar and glue your toy(s) to the inside of it. If the toy is smaller, you may want to glue a small piece of plastic below the toy to help give it height and then glue that to the lid. 
  3. Take the empty peanut butter jar and fill it with water, then mix in about 1-2 teaspoons of sequins and/or glitter. Once stirred, add in 1-2 tbsp. glycerin.  
  4. Screw the lid onto the jar tightly. Feel free to glue the lid on for added security. Flip over and shake for a snow effect.  
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