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outdoor DIY fun for kids 

Sun’s out, fun’s out! Try one (or all) of these awesome DIY activities for nonstop summer fun. Don’t forget, when you finish these activities, take a pic and head over to our Facebook page to share. 

Want more DIY ideas? Go to and click on “DIY” to see all the projects on our blog. 

story stones 

supplies needed:

·  a dozen or so flat stones

·  paintbrush and poster paint, markers or stickers

·  bag or bowl

what to do:

  1. Find stones in your backyard or a local garden center, and make sure they’re nice and clean. 
  2. Pick a story theme, like space, magic or mystery.
  3. Pass out a few stones to each kid, and decorate with paint, markers or stickers.
  4. Place the stones in your bag or bowl, and have one kid pick a rock to start.
  5. Have them start a made-up story with a sentence about the picture on the rock, and then pass it on to the next kid to continue the storyEncourage them to let their imaginations run wild!

toy hoop blanket fort 

supplies needed:

· toy hoop or something similar

· old sheets or blankets 

· string or twine

what to do:

  1. Drape the blanket or sheet over the hoop.
  2. Hang the hoop from any tree, high enough to create a space for kids to fit.
  3. Place blankets, pillows and books inside – whatever you want to make an awesome indoor clubhouse where kids can play and stay out of the summer sun!

giant bubble wand 

supplies needed:

· kiddie pool or something large enough for kids to stand in

· toy hoop or similar large round item 

· bubble solution 

what to do:

  1. Pour bubble solution in the kiddie pool. You can use store bought solution or find an easy recipe for bubble solution online.
  2. Place the hoop in the kiddie pool and have your little one stand in the middle of the hoop.
  3. Pull the hoop around your little one and create a super-cool bubble tunnel. Bubbly fun for everyone!

color scavenger hunt 

supplies needed:

· assorted markers or crayons 

· paper bags

what to do:

  1. Use the markers or crayons to scribble 8-12 color squares on each sheet of paper.
  2. Let the kids loose to find items in nature that match each color. When they find the item, have them place it in the bag. Remind little ones not to pick flowers before asking.
  3. The first person that finishes is the winner, but when everyone is finished, gather the group together to go through each bag and talk about each item they found. Nature rocks!
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