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16 ways to maximize the space in your place

Here are some creative and useful ways to help you make the most of the space in your house or apartment.

1. store items under or behind your couch

A couch with a skirt can hide everything from out-of-season clothes to the kids’ art supplies. Moving your couch away from the wall will open up tons of room for storage.

2. mount your tv

Eliminates the need for a stand or an entertainment center, which can make a room feel cluttered and small. If you’re renting, check with your landlord before you start drilling.

3. add a mirror

Mirrors reflect light and can make your room feel bright, cheerful and larger than it is. You can pick up cheap mirrors at yard sales and thrift stores.

4. embrace light and neutral colors 

From a quick coat of paint to a couch or rug, light and neutral colors can make your living room appear more open and spacious.

5. hang a shoe organizer behind the door

Wait, shoes in the bathroom? No, use the organizer to hold makeup, cotton balls, hair brushes, jewelry and other small items.

6. organize your vanity cabinet

There’s so much room under there! Use bins or baskets to store hair dryers, extra towels, backup toiletries… you get the picture. It’s a great place to put cleaning supplies too.

7. mirror, mirror… sound familiar?

It works in your living room, so it can help small spaces like bathrooms feel more open too. It’s also helpful if two people need to get ready for the day at the same time.

8. room over the toilet? use it

Hang small shelves for everyday items. You can even make them yourself out of scrap pieces of wood. Use small bins or containers to keep your shelves organized.

9. choose light curtains

Curtains that are light in color and fabric weight will give a feeling of openness and airiness to the room. They’ll also allow natural light to brighten up the space.

10. store items under your bed

This is one of our favorite places for storage. And there’s no rule that says you can only use it for bedroom items. Stocked up on toilet paper? Store it under the bed.

11. add behind-the-door hooks

Hang your robe or favorite pair of lazy pants on back of the bedroom door. We love those removable plastic hooks that don’t damage the paint if you decide to move them.

12. organize your closet

Donate things you don’t wear or organize a clothing swap with friends. Next, organize clothes by type: jeans in one area, shirts in another, etc. Store out-of-season clothes in vacuum bags.

13. elevate your groceries

Like to stock up when you shop for groceries? Wire shelf risers can help you get more in your cabinets, plus you’ll be able to see more of what you have on hand.

14. declutter your countertops

Store those barely used appliances out of sight. Put everyday cleaners under the sink. Hang your paper towel roll. Even if your kitchen is tiny, this will make it feel bigger.

15. adjust your cabinet shelves

Most of us leave shelves where they are when we move into a new place. Adjusting them up or down gives you more room for taller items (like cereal boxes).

16. hide the trash can

In the kitchen, you have to throw things away constantly, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep your trash can in plain sight. Put it under the sink or in the pantry if you have one.

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