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As the seasons change and winter starts to blow in, staying warm at home while keeping energy costs low becomes very important. To help you keep cozy inside and your energy bills low, here are 5 tips for winterizing your home without breaking your budget. 

1. set your ceiling fans to spin clockwise

In your home, hot air will rise up towards the ceiling. During the winter months, by adjusting your fan to spin clockwise, your fan will blow the warmer air down towards the floor. 

2. add insulation film to your windows

Keeping the warm air inside is key in the winter months. By adding some clear insulation film to each of your windows, you’ll be able to block the warm air from escaping.  

3. place draft guards under your doors

Another place that warm air can leak outside in the winter is under your doors. Placing draft guards under each of the doors that leads outside is an easy way to help keep your home warm. 

4. weatherstrip your doors and windows

One more way to help keep warm air from escaping your home in the chilly months is to place weatherstrip tape around your windows and doors. This simple step will help ensure they’re sealed up to keep the warm air inside.

5. program your thermostat

If your home has a programmable thermostat, an easy way to help keep energy costs down in the winter months is to keep the temperature lower while you’re not at home. 

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