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End of the year celebrations can be a lot of fun, but they don’t have to be expensive. Below are a few low-cost suggestions of how you can throw your own New Year’s Eve party at home. Cheers!

send evites

Save on paper and postage this New Year’s Eve and send out invitations though either email or text. This is also an easy way to get your party on your guest’s digital calendar so they can be reminded of the event as the day gets nearer. 

DIY decorations

Store bought decorations can add up really quick, which is why looking into creating your own DIY decor can help you save your budget. Be sure to also have some fun dressing up items on hand to have your own DIY photo booth for some added fun. 

appetizer dinner

Big, giant dinners can get expensive when catering for a large group. By swapping out meal dishes with fun appetizers you will be able to keep food costs low while also providing smaller, bite size treats that are easy to snack on. 

game tournament

Keeping people entertained at your NYE party while staying budget can easily be done with a game tournament with all your guests. Just select a few board/video games and keep track of how people are doing with a bracket drawn on some paper. 

TV fireworks

Everyone is excited for when the clock ticks to midnight on New Year’s Eve, but what’s a good way to celebrate the arrival of the new year? Most local TV channels will have broadcasts of fireworks events but if you don’t have an antenna, you can also stream live fireworks shows online. 

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