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10 budget-friendly hobbies to try

Having a hobby is a great way to spend your time. Whether you’re looking to spend more time at home, wanting to get out of the house and explore, relax more or get active, this list is a great starting point to finding a new interest. Give some of these a try – we bet you’ll be glad you did. 

1. DIY projects

This could be anything – home décor, art, even a home improvement project. DIY is a great way to challenge yourself and as a bonus, could even be a fun family activity. It’s also pretty easy on the budget, as many DIY projects involve items and tools you already have around the house. 

Want some DIY ideas? Head to and click on “DIY” to see all the projects on our blog.

2. hiking

Hiking is a great way to get outside and get a little exercise in – for free! It doesn’t matter where you live, there are guaranteed to be tons of spots to explore. Search online for trail maps, download a free app or check your local outdoor government website to find the best spots to go. Remember, for your safety, stay on dedicated trails, don’t trespass on private land and check with your doctor to make sure you’re ok to start a new fitness regimen.

3. read

Reading is a hobby that can be done anywhere, and the options are pretty much unlimited. Maybe you have a subject you want to learn more about, a time period in history that you’ve always been interested in, or you could just want to lose yourself in some fun fiction. There are books that cover all of these and more. The best part about reading is that it can be 100% free if you visit your local library or borrow books from friends.

4. try yoga

Yoga is a low impact activity that helps with physical and mental health. It’s an activity that can fit into your budget because it doesn’t require a lot of equipment to get started. There are tons of introductory yoga videos that you can check out from the library. You can also take classes for cheap or free at your local community center. Again, remember to check with your doctor before you begin a new fitness activity.

5. discover new music

This hobby is a really fun one. Listening to music is like reading books – the options are pretty much unlimited. There are a bunch of streaming services available online to poke around and maybe find a new genre or artist that you’ve never heard before. Maybe you’ll even be inspired to make your own music!

6. gardening

This is a hobby that can be as big or as small as you want. If you have a backyard, you could plant a flower or vegetable garden. Seeds are pretty cheap, just make sure you research online what grows best where you live. If you live in an apartment, a balcony garden is a great way to utilize your outdoor space. Start out by getting cuttings from friends or keep an eye out for local plant swaps. If you don’t have a lot of space for plants, a windowsill herb garden is a good space-saving option.

 For a few more tips on how to flex your green thumb, visit our blog:

7. learn how to cook or bake

Maybe your cooking skills end at boiling a pot of water, so taking up cooking or baking as a hobby could be a fun new challenge. Check out recipe books from the library or find recipes for free onlineThere are also tons of video tutorials to watch and learn. Start simpleMake a yummy pasta dish or some cookies, something with just a few ingredients and steps to ease your way into it. Your family and friends will definitely thank you.

8. start writing

Write a story, book, song or poem about a favorite subject, start a daily journal, write a letter to a friend or family member, or even start a blog about something you’re interested in. Writing is a good way to get your creative juices flowing and keep you mentally sharp.

9. learn to dance

Get some exercise in and have fun while doing it. Learning to dance is a win-win. There are all kinds of dance that you could learn: salsa, tap, ballet, modern. A good place to start is watch videos online or take inexpensive classes at a local community center. You’ll be two-stepping before you know it!

10. learn a new language

This one can seem a little ambitious, and yes, even scary, but it doesn’t have to be. Remember, your goal doesn’t have to be to become fluent. It can simply be to learn and maybe master a few useful phrases and words. You could even learn to have a short conversation in another language. It’s impressive to master just some of a different language. There are paid and free ways to learn a new language. Search online for introductory videos or apps and go from there.

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