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What’s one of the best parts of summer, aside from warm weather and sunshine? You can have a ton of fun without spending a ton of cash.  

Check out our favorite budget-friendly summer activities: 

1. set up a scavenger hunt

What a fun outdoor game for kids. Here’s a scavenger hunt list you can print and give out to kiddos.

Download here

2. catch an outdoor concert

This is a great way to explore different types of music too. 

3. local attractions 

This is a great way to explore different types of music too. 

4. pick-a-movie night

Take turns letting each member of the family pick what movie to watch at home. 

5. explore local parks

These may have walking trails, playground equipment for kids or outdoor sports areas. 

6. go on a picnic 

Check local parks to see if you need to reserve a picnic table or take a blanket and find your own spot. 

7. arts and crafts fairs

Looking at the different creations may inspire you or your kids to try your own projects at home. 

8. go for a walk, hike or bike ride 

Wear appropriate shoes for the activity and strap on a helmet if biking. 

9. visit your local community center

Many have a pool or recreation center for adults and kids; some may even have free summer programs for kids. 

10. pretend you’re a tourist

Do an online search for local attractions and venues. Plan your own walking tour of a historic area. There are so many free options available in your own backyard. 

11. game night 

Search “family game night ideas” to find something the whole family can play, play board games or make up your own games. P.S. This activity is a great excuse to turn off the TV. 

12. farmers market

It’s fun to walk around and see the different types of fruits, vegetables and other foods. You can also stock up on ingredients for summer meals. 

13. outdoor movies at local venues

Pack snacks (yes, popcorn) and watch an old classic or a newish release. Is there anything better than seeing a movie on the big screen? We don’t think so. 

14. slime party for kids 

Kids love slime even though most parents (like us) think it’s gross. Search for slime recipes online. You may already have all the ingredients in your cabinet. 

15. visit the library

They offer so many freebies, from books and DVDs to summer programs like story time and crafting for the kids. 

16. make a time capsule 

Kids will love helping with the project now and then opening it in the future. You can find instructions in our blog article. 

17. plan a garage sale

This is a good way to declutter your house and make money to put toward one of your planned fun weekends, toward a vacation or in savings. 

18. take an online class

There are lots of free classes available online, from baking and crafts to learning a new language or hobby. 

19. learn to DIY

Local hardware stores or the big home improvement centers often offer free classes. 

Check your local newspaper or free weekly magazine for other fun ideas or try searching “’city name’ free summer activities” online.    


Now get out there and enjoy your summer! 

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