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Distance Learning

Going back to school (from home): parent’s edition

Want your kids to do their best in school while learning from home? Here are five distance learning tips for parents, plus how you can set up a home learning space in less than 10 minutes.

5 Distance Learning Tips for Parents

Set a Schedule

set a schedule/routine

Start out with something simple and adjust it as needed. If possible, have your kids start their school day at the same time they normally would. Try to keep bedtimes the same too. Include time on the schedule for both learning and studying. If you or your partner are working from home, block off time in the day to be available for your kids’ school questions.


create a learning space

The ideal space for kids will be quiet, comfortable and clutter-free. While a kid’s bedroom might be an easy choice, there are usually too many distractions for it to be an effective learning space. It might also be fun to let your kids personalize their space. We’ll talk more about learning spaces later in this article.

daily check ins

have a daily plan with check-ins

Look at the schedule each morning and help your kids figure out what they need to work on that day. Also ask if they’ll need any special supplies or help from you. At the end of the day, ask how far they got on the day’s work and make sure they’re on track to finish any longer assignments.


make sure they have the supplies they’ll need

What your kids need will vary based on their age and the school, but most likely you’ll need a good Wi-Fi connection, a supply of paper and a variety of writing materials. They may also need log-in info for any school accounts they need to access.


encourage regular breaks

To help your kids avoid learning burnout, get them away from their schoolwork a few times during the day. It’s also a good opportunity to have them get up and move around. Search online to find fun ways you can get some quick exercise as a family.

Setting Up a Home Learning Space

Like we mentioned earlier, the ideal space will be quiet, comfortable and clutter-free. Are there other things to consider? Of course, but setting up a learning space doesn’t have to be stressful or time-consuming. Here’s how you can do it in just a few minutes. Oh, and get the kids involved. They’ll be using it, after all.


choose a location

It could be in your dining room, living room or a corner of your home that could fit a small table, if you have one.1

check the lighting

check the lighting

Look for a good combination of natural light and overhead lighting. If your kids need more lighting, try moving a lamp from another room.

pick a seat

pick a seat

Dining room chairs can also be great desk chairs. If kids don’t need a desk for some of their lessons, let them sit on the couch or floor if they want.

no distractions

eliminate (or limit) distractions

These will vary based on the age of your kids, but move toys or sports equipment to another room, unplug the TV and set limits on device usage.

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