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emergency supplies

It’s a great idea to have emergency supplies on hand if disaster strikes. Store your supplies inside a duffel bag or lightweight bin that’s easy to carry. Remember to replace expired items.  

Here’s a checklist you can use to build your own emergency supply kit: 

  • water – one gallon per person per day 
  • nonperishable food – enough for several days 
  • radio – battery powered or hand crank 
  • batteries 
  • first aid kit 
  • medications – 7-day supply 
  • flashlight 
  • whistle 
  • dust mask 
  • blanket 
  • baby supplies (if needed) 
  • pet supplies (if needed) 
  • duct tape and plastic sheeting 
  • garbage bags and plastic ties    
  • personal hygiene items and moist towelettes 
  • wrench or pliers 
  • manual can opener 
  • maps of your area 
  • cell phone, phone charger and backup battery 
  • extra cash 

For more information on things you may need in an emergency, visit: 

prepare for power outages

The following items are helpful in case of a power outage:  

  • portable generator and fuel – use outdoors at least 20 feet away from windows, doors and attached garages 
  • surge protector  
  • USB battery packs for mobile devices and laptops 
  • portable power station 
  • power inverter 

For more information on preparing for and staying safe during power outages, visit: 

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