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3 budget-friendly tips for tailgating or fall parties

Here are 3 easy tips to help you have a successful fall party without spending lots of your hard-earned money. 

1 get organized

Plan your tailgate or party a couple of weeks ahead. Make a list of everything you’ll need:  

  • pop-up canopy 
  • coolers 
  • folding tables and chairs
  • team decorations  
  • music and games 
  • grill 
  • food and drink   

Ask your friends or neighbors if you can borrow any of the non-food items, then be sure to invite them! And if you’re doing a fall-themed event instead, the only thing you’d need to change out are the decorations.  

2 make it a potluck

Don’t buy or make everything yourself. Have a potluck! Save money by sending out a sign-up sheet and have people sign up for: 

  • main dishes  
  • sides 
  • snacks 
  • desserts
  • drinks 
  • plates, napkins and plastic silverware 

You can even include the non-food items from tip #1, so you know what you need to cover yourself. With a sign-up list, you’ll have a variety of food and drink, plus everything else you need for a successful (and cheaper!) party.  

3 shop smarter

Party expenses can add up fast when you have a big group. By buying in bulk, you can split the cost with some of your guests and help everyone save money. Check out your local discount or warehouse stores for popular party needs like: 

  • hamburger meat and hot dogs 
  • canned drinks 
  • fruits and veggies 
  • cookies and treats
  • paper products  

With a little planning and some smart shopping, your tailgate event or fall party is sure to be lots of fun for everyone, and easy on your budget.   

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