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It’s completely normal to worry about money, but what can you do when worries keep you up late at night or start affecting you during the day? You tackle them head on. That’s right, you go toe-to-toe with those annoying worries and show them who’s boss. Look below to learn how. You can also print out this infographic here and hang it up at home.

1. say it out loud

Ignoring your worries won’t make them go away, so acknowledge how they’re making you feel by saying this phrase: I’m feeling stressed!

2. try a breathing exercise

Get comfy and breathe normal. Next, take a deep breath slowly through your nose, filling up your belly. Now breathe out slowly through your mouth and repeat.1

3. make a list

Feel like your worries are swirling around you like moths around a porch light? Write them down on a piece of paper. Now you know exactly what’s bothering you.

4. make another list

Write down what you’re thankful for. Sometimes worries can make you forget about the good things in your life.

5. it’s time to plan

Go through your worry list and write down steps you can take to address each worry. Check out for helpful articles on budgeting, credit and more.

6. tackle those worries

What on your list would be easiest to tackle first? Start there. You may be surprised at how good taking action feels.

7. celebrate

Have a small celebration when you take a positive step on one of your worries. High five your partner or even yourself.

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