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One of the best parts of family is creating new memories and traditions. Game night is the perfect way to do just that. Try some of these ideas and take game night to a new level!

set the scene

Your family is probably busy, so it can be hard to get everyone together at the same time. Start planning game night by picking a date and time that works for everyone. Pick a game or two ahead of time that works for kids and adults. Use one as your main game and the other as a backup (or play both, if you have time!). Don’t forget the snacks, and most important: put away phones and tablets and turn off the TV so you can focus on the fun.

fam vs. fam

There’s nothing wrong with a little friendly competition! Split the family into teams and play some old-school guessing games like charades or drawing a picture and having your teammate try to figure out what it is. You could even do a bake-off and make treats that the whole family can judge… then eat!

take it outside

Since it’s still summer, your backyard or public park is the perfect setting for active games. You can go with the tried-and-true croquet, bean bag toss or ladderball, play some picnic games like sack races or three-legged races, tag or hide and seek, or make up games with a ball. Keep the friendly competition going! 

tried and true

Don’t forget about the classics. Board games are always a fun option for all ages. You probably have a stash of them at home to dig into, but if you want to try something new, check online for free or cheap games, look in a thrift store or check your local library – there may be games there for you to borrow.

pick a card, any card

Finally, who could forget the ultimate in games, cards? If kids are younger, start with Old Maid, Go Fish or a memory game. If kids are older, you could teach them games such as War, Rummy or Twenty-One. If you’re not sure how some of these games work, do an online search.

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