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Keeping kids entertained throughout those long summer days isn’t easy. No matter how excited kids are for the summer break, they often run out of things to do.  

Don’t worry, parents, grandparents and caregivers. We’re here to help. 

We asked Fingerhut employees to share their favorite summer activities for kids. These ideas are all inexpensive or free.  

city splash pad

Splash pads are much safer than pools. They’re smaller than a water park and often free. Just grab a towel and go. Easy. 

—Hannah D., Senior Copy Manager 

lemonade stand

This summer tradition is still a hit with kids. Just grab a card table, paper cups and lemonade or another delicious beverage. Make sure you have quarters on hand to make change. Help the kids make a “lemonade for sale” sign and watch their little business take off. 

—Gemma T., Marketing Campaign Manager 

make custom popsicles

Kids can mix and match chopped fruits and juice. Pour into ice pop molds or ice cube trays. Use craft sticks or toothpicks. 

Julie C., Creative Editor

paint with water

This one is great for younger kids. Give them a bowl or small bucket filled with water and a paintbrush or two. Tell them to go paintanything – the driveway, windows, doors and deck. And if they spill it on themselves? It dries and doesn’t leave a mess. 

—Melissa J., Senior Media Analyst   

campfire cookout

Check online to see if your local parks have a campfire ring. Many do! Ask older kids to research easy recipes. Younger kids can find long sticks for hotdogs or marshmallows.  

—Hannah D., Senior Copy Manager 

scavenger hunt

Create a list of items for the kiddos to find. Or use this list of common things to find outside. Download here 

—Gemma T., Marketing Campaign Manager 

dollar movie theater

Is there a second-run theater nearby that shows children’s movies at lower prices? On a hot afternoon, this might be the perfect place for you and the kids to chill out. 

—Katie R., Senior Print Analyst 

water balloons

Here’s a classic outdoor activity that most kids enjoy. After helping them make water balloons, you can sit back and watch the fun or join in. 

—Gemma T., Marketing Campaign Manager 

Here are more ideas to beat summer boredom:

turn on some tunes
Music is one way to make solo playtime more fun. Make a special playlist. Keep it low-key to encourage quiet time. Or put together some high-energy tunes for a dance party. 

sidewalk chalk
Little artists will love drawing pictures on patios and sidewalks. Try drawing a hopscotch board and play a few rounds.  

sprinkler and bubble fun
On hot days, kids can dash around a water sprinkler to cool off. Blowing bubbles at the same time makes it a little more exciting. 

bath time for toys
Do your little ones have small toys that don’t use batteries? Fill the kitchen sink with a bubble bath and any toys that can get wet. Pull up a stool for younger kids and watch them have a blast.   

reading with friends
Grab some pillows, blankets, a few books and some stuffed animal friends. Kids can read to themselves or out loud to their audience. Making a soft, cozy reading nest is half the fun. 

Do your kids love stories? Download some audiobooks or borrow some from the library. Listening to stories is a great rainyday activity. 

keep it crafty
For craft ideas, go to click on “DIY” to see all the projects on our blog. 

We hope these activities will help you and the kids have a fun-filled summer. Be sure to take lots of photos, so you can remember all the good times. 

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